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Armed Forces

In a world where innovation converges with dedication, we stand with  an unwavering commitment to outfitting the brave men and women in uniform, Faith and Phoenix weaves a narrative of precision and resilience through the meticulously crafted clothing for the armed forces. 

Army Soldiers At Parade



  • Combat uniforms (BDUs, ACUs, etc.)

  • Dress uniforms (Class A, Class B, etc.)


  • Field jackets

  • Parkas

  • Tactical vests

  • Flight suits

Patches and Insignia

  • Unit patches

  • Rank insignia


  • Camouflage uniforms

  • Ghillie suits

Physical Training (PT) Gear

  • PT uniforms

In the ever-evolving blend of tech and tradition, Faith and Phoenix steps onto the scene, with a fusion of style and practicality. Cutting-edge uniforms that looks sharp and channels the grit of those on the front lines. It's like we are painting a vibrant story on the canvas of military wear where style meets substance and we weave the honor and valor of the service into the very fiber of the attire.

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