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At Faith and Phoenix, we're about making workwear exceptional, no matter where you work. Picture this: we scour the globe for the coolest smart textiles and technical fabrics, we work with factories that are certified, and we customize products  to fit the needs of all kinds of industries. Whether you're roughing it on construction sites, hustling in the fast-paced world of healthcare, or rocking it at your  office, we get it – each profession needs its own unique style. We've got this diverse collection of cutting-edge materials that doesn't just meet, but totally blows away the expectations of professionals. We're all about your workwear being as one-of-a-kind as you are. Let's break those boundaries together, shall we?

The Founding Story


Faith and Phoenix emerged from a vision to pioneer a space that was yet to be defined. Born out of the belief that professional attire should be more than just clothing, our founder, Susan Correa, set out to reimagine the workwear and uniform industry. She envisioned a space where innovation and style converge, shaping workwear that not only meets existing needs but anticipates and adapts to the evolving demands of modern professionals. Faith and Phoenix was born to be a trailblazer, crafting a niche where functionality meets fashion, and where each garment is a testament to the uncharted possibilities within the realm of professional attire. Our journey began with the mission to reimagine a new standard, for a new era, where workwear is a dynamic and integral part of an individual's identity in the professional landscape.

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